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 Hourly Blitz 50m  2
 Wise  5+0 Rated 1h  3/8
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  1. MAD GAME !!! Saptarshi10 yes yes................. It is true
  2. MAD GAME !!! ttttttttttt Kr0n0s, it was accidental)
  3. MAD GAME !!! ttttttttttt canabidiol, yes, it's true, but it was a bullet game(1+0), and it's di […]
  4. Great additions AnnieK Thanks guys! :) As far as I'm concerned, the site is now almost per […]
  5. Great additions goldilocks Cool - thanks Clarkey.
  6. Great additions Clarkey Goldilocks, you can look here for what's going on: https://github.com/ […]
  7. Great additions sasyv Quite useful when a game is in progress is observed. Thank you
  8. Great additions goldilocks Agree - love the new move list - sometimes during a game I wonder how […]
  9. Great additions smndvd Being able to see the moves is great stuff indeed. Thanks
  10. Great additions thibault Thank you for saying it :)
  11. Great additions AncientRo The ability to see the moves, scroll through them and rotate the board […]
  12. UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE,2014/201 […] rzenaikrzys FINAL RESULTS,21/22 OCTOBER 2014 1.ATLETICO(ESP)-MALMOE(SWE)-Group […]
  13. keyboard shortcuts in game rev […] thibault It's consistent with analyse. I changed it.
  14. User TV only works for first two games Clarkey Thanks for the report.
  15. keyboard shortcuts in game rev […] Clarkey h/l are back and forward. And at the moment j/k are beginning/end but […]
  16. keyboard shortcuts in game rev […] grondilu Sorry, my bad. The shortcuts actually work, even with vimium. It's j […]
  17. User TV only works for first two games andrewrun The expected behavior for the user tv feature (ex: http://lichess.org/ […]
  18. IM and chess engine Clarkey http://i.imgur.com/bVEYYly.png But, you know, to fit the mathematic […]
  19. IM and chess engine azuaga to play well does not mean it is a cheater
  20. IM and chess engine azuaga he is a MI of my country, I played and talked with him
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